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Asunia W. Robertson

My name is Asunia W. Robertson and I was born in 1972 and raised in Muncie, Indiana USA. Yeh, I’m from Indiana so you know I’ma basketall fanatic. I attended and played basketball for Muncie Central High School, the powerhouse basketball team that lost in the championship game in the movie “Hoosiers”. I’ve been living in Germany for 14 years now and have recently retired from playing at age 35. I would like to find a coaching job next year and start coaching 16-19 year olds. I think that’s where you can make the most impact as far as molding skills into a package and teaching players how to utilize the things they do well and developing the things they don’t. I have a lot of experience and have delt with a lot of different players from a lot of different places from high school to college. I also played in the Army and made All-Army Europe twice and 3rd Pro league in Germany. I could have even played first league but in Germany they have a limit of foreign players on the roster and most teams usually take someone in the 6’9″-7’0″ range, not a 6’2″ combo guard. So I ended up in the 3rd league, it was still basketall and I was getting paid so I was still satisfied.
Now I’m beginning my new career, spreading the word to the people. I’m like a Pastor, no a High Priest of basketball. An educator and mentor to the next generation. I love and respect basketball and I won’t give up until you love it too. That’s why I founded Basketball Inc. 2008 or BI08 for short. BI08 is nothing more than an information higway, a way to unite basketball fans all over the world. I’m also in the process of starting a website with different sponsors and small sport store wanting to advertise. We’ll see how that turns out but in the mean time you can find me right here telling you what’s on my mind. I would appreciate any type of feedback, both positive and negative.  Thank you for reading my blogs and I wish that your basketball season is all that you’ve expected and more.



2 thoughts on “About Indy Finesse

  1. Asunia this is dead on it lil bro. Although my skill level never reached the level that yours and Mano’s did I still have a passion for the game that is off the charts. Growing up where we did and me feeling like and adopted son in the Robertson household you couldn’t help but become a student of the game. Your ensite and knowledge of the game is needed. So keep putting out quality stuff like this for the next generation PLEASE……. BEEZ ON THE CUTS

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