Ball Til U Fall

Hello, and welcome back to BI08’s NBA Blog.  I know that it’s been a while, sorry but I was sidetracked by life.
Anyway…due to the long layoff, I will start my blog back up by giving you guys a inside look at the players and teams that I pay particularly close attention to and why. I must say though, ultimately I am a basketball and NBA fan before any one individual or team. If I feel like Kobe and LA are playing like garbage, I will put it out there.
By the way, Kobe and LA are playing like garbage!

Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant & Carmelo Anthony

My Favorites:

First and foremost, favorite has nothing to do with best.

Fav 5 Players

1. Kobe BryantThe total package. The most skilled basketball player I’ve ever seen. Inside-out, catch and shoot or off of the dribble. I personally think that he has the largest offensive repertoire in history…and he’s a lock down defender. Although I have been a “Mamba” fan for 16 years (his entire NBA career) he has “officially” been my favorite player since Reggie Miller retired. INDIANA REPRESENTING.

2. Derrick Rose The shy, quiet Chicago kid with a game so loud that everyone had to stand up and recognize. Despite all of the super DUPER stars in the NBA today, “Fast Don’t Lie” quietly zoomed by the competition two season ago to claim the MVP trophy. “Too big, too strong, too fast, too good” as Stacey King would say. I once heard a commentator call him “the Blake Griffin of point guards”. I absolutely love him to death.

3. Carmelo Anthony Poetry in motion. Like Kevin Durant, he makes basketball look so easy and effortless. What he can do at his size and stature is amazing. His ball handling, footwork, head fakes and jabs steps keeps defender off balance all game long. He’s  creative, crafty and one thing that I keep hearing more and more these days, strong as a bull. The hardest cover in the NBA.

4. Kevin Durant Dude can knock down shots in his sleep. There is no doubt in my mind that he will retire as the best scorer in history.  He’s almost 7 feet tall and he has small forward handles. His jumper is wet from the parking lot and if he gets anywhere near the painted area, watch your head. The only reason why he isn’t the hardest cover in the NBA is because he can’t play with his back to the basket…YET!

5. Paul George As you’ve probably noticed by now, my favorite players come from my favorite teams…and PG is the “next big thing” in Indiana. Long, athletic, dedicated. I love the strides that he’s making this season. He has MOST of the tools needed to be a big time talent in this league. The only thing that I haven’t seen from him yet is fire. As Coach Popovich would say “let’s get a little nasty”.





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