Pulling for the Mavs

2009-2010 Dallas Mavericks The Dallas Mavs are officially  my second favorite basketball team…this year. I’ve been contemplating this decision for some time now and I believe now is the right time to just go all out and commit to the cause.  Of course I’m always going to roll with Mamba and the Lake Show and quietly I hope that the Pacers win it every year but I can’t really say that I have any consistent favorites other than that. Portland has been up there pretty high since drafting Greg Oden, but I think they still need a season or two to compete for some hardware.

I presently like a lot of teams but liking a team and pulling for them to win a championship is two different things. I’m really into Orlando, Cleveland, San Antonio and the list goes on. But being that I have been a permanent resident in Germany going on 14 years now, Dallas is basically our home team. I always root for the home team, why else would I back the Pacers. I’m simply representin’.  That’s not the only reason though, I’ve been in Germany for 14 years, why chose Dallas now as my second favorite? Honestly, it’s because they have the most team members that I think deserve a ring.

I remember two years ago when Boston beat my Lakers in the Finals, I was upset but there was a silver lining. KG, Ray-Ray and The Truth finally got their rings. They deserved it even if it was at the expense of LA. I knew Kobe would get another one eventually, but their window was considerably smaller. All three of them are  great players. KG is one of the most dominant defenders of this generation and Ray Allen one of the best shooters. The Truth is, well…The Truth. Name a better small forward in the last 10 years. Unless you said Lebron, I disagree. P-Squared can score on anybody at will. He can get you near double digit rebounds and he can drop 7 or 8 dimes. He hasn’t done that recently due to his enhanced cast, but go back and check his resume. He is not to be taken lightly. Aside from all of that, all three guys are a class act. “Good character guys” as they say so often in the NBA. From helping with various activities within their communities and charities, to mentoring younger players on how to play basketball the right way, carry themselves in public and just taking care of their bodies. I’m happy for them. They deserved to win one championship.

Jason Kidd does as well.

This guy has been putting up Magic Johnson type of numbers for years. He’s third all time in assist and will be second before the end of this season, he is third in career triple doubles and unquestionably the best PG the last decade. Yet he has no rings or MVP awards. It just doesn’t seem fair to me. The best SG the last 10 years (Kobe) has four rings, the best SF (Pierce, Lebron is not included as he is still young and I am certain he will win multiple rings before his career is over) has one, the best center (Shaq) has four, and the best PF (Duncan) has four. I would be a shame if J.Kidd retired without one, just like Barkley, Ewing and my man Reggie Miller.

Dirk, on the other hand, not only needs to win a championship, but he needs to be magnificent in doing so. If he doesn’t, I’m afraid his legacy is going to be belittled to throwing away a championship to Miami and winning 60 regular season games only to get eliminated in the first round by Golden State. He’ll be another Nick Anderson. Also a  shame. I think his greatness is being overlooked. Not so much his play and skill set as a 7 foot perimeter player but his influence on the game itself. He has changed the  PF positions forever. Ten years ago, if you were a big man who could knock down jumpers you were a huge asset to the team, now if you can’t hit that shot, you may have a difficult time breaking the rotation. Can you imagine having a starting center like Mehmet Okur, Andrea Bargnani or Channing Frye in the ’90s? Or better yet, the ’80s? What about Rashard Lewis at PF? Dirk, the best European player to ever set foot on an NBA basketball court and a top 10 player in the NBA today, is largely responsible for this evolution.

Yours Truley in Germany doing me Jason Terry imitation
Not afraid to dive on the floor. Yours Truly in Germany doing my Jason Terry imitation.

With all of that said, neither J.Kidd nor D.No is my favorite player on the team. That honor would have to go to the JET, Jason Terry. I even copied  his style while playing semi-pro basketball in Germany. Yes, I ball in high socks. I totally fell in love with game the first time I saw him play at Atlanta. I think he went off for almost 40 that game. I knew him from college of course, but the college game is so structured that dropping 40 point games can be difficult. In the NBA, JET flourished into a prolific scorer and now a big shot maker. He’s the most clutch on the team, including Dirk. Throw in a little Matrix, Tim Thomas, Josh Howard and Drew Gooden and I really like their team and I think they will surpass expectations. Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I think they will win a championship or anything. I actually can’t forsee them making it to the Western Conference Finals, but unless they’re playing LA I will be pulling for them all season long. Go Mavs!



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