Stay in Spain, We Don’t Want You Anymore

Ricky Rubio Draft Night I’ve had it up to here with Ricky Rubio!

I bet he never plays one NBA game in his entire lifetime, and honestly I don’t care. Actually I never really cared, but like so many others I got wrapped up in the story. You have to admit though, it’s a good story…so far.

Ricky Rubio, at 16 years old, was the youngest player ever in the top Spanish league. He’s played internationally. He’s won every award possible from  championships to MVPs. Then at 18 years old he threw a huge coming out party in the Olympics. Playing well the entire tournament, even against the USA and the likes of Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Jason Kidd. But at 19 years old, he thinks Minnesota is “too risky”.

That’s a bunch of malarkey! Whatever malarkey is. I understand he doesn’t want to play in Minnesota, Flynn probably prefered somewhere else as well. I can’t imagine anyone sitting around hoping they get drafted by Minn. Blake Griffin didn’t want to go to the Clippers. Did you see the television show where Blake watched the lottery? He lost interest once Oklahoma City was announced third. He played it off nicely, he said some good things, he clapped his hands when LAC was announced as having the first pick, but you could clealy see the disappointment in his face. The very next day they showed Griffin on NBA TV in LA working out. The very next day Flynn was in Minn at a press conference. Rubio had already skipped town. I know that basketball in Europe is different, but I assumed that they could understand the concept of drafting. It’s not your choice, you go to the team that picks you. Like Dirk, Pau and Marc,Vlade etc. I blame it on Yi, he started this. I bet if the Knicks would’ve drated Rubio, it would not have been risky. He would’ve found a way around this contract ordeal.

It doesn’t matter anymore, he’s not coming. The NBA career of the most hyped European basketball player of all times will not begin this year. General Manager David Kahn probably thinks he’s pretty smart right now for drafting two point guards with his lottery picks. I think he’s pretty dumb for not getting a big man with that Rubio pick. But, hey, that’s just my opinion.



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