A Rose is a Rose is a Rose


     The day that I found out Kevin Garnett was going to miss “most and maybe all” of the playoffs, I thought to myself  “YES! Cleveland vs LA in the finals”. I told my best friend (who jumped on the Boston bandwagon early this season)  “there is no way Boston can beat Cleveland without Garnett, in fact they are going to struggle against the Bulls”.  You should’ve seen the look he gave me.

     He then turned to another friend of ours that was sitting there and asked him “Did you hear that crazy sh–”

     “Yea, we need to send Wolf to rehab” he replied.


     Who needs rehab now baby!

     Now the series is tied 1 to 1. Both games went down to the wire, both games ended with a shot from Ray Allen at the buzzer (he’s 1 for 2 in game winners so far this post season) and both games turned out some pretty spectacular performances from a couple of young Bulls. By the way, neither  of those performances surprised me.

Pressure? What pressure? - Derrick Rose shot 12 for 12 from the freethrow line on his way to 36 points in his playoff debut
Pressure? What pressure? - Derrick Rose shot 12 for 12 from the freethrow line on his way to 36 points in his playoff debut

         I will admit though, I didn’t expect Rose to score 32 in his first post season game ever, but I knew he’d have at least one big game against “Ragin’ Rajon”. Not that Rondo is a bad player or anything, but because Rose is so competitive. If you do not compete against Rondo, he will embarrass you. You saw the numbers he put up in game one. 29 points, 7 assist,  9 rebounds and 1 measly turnover that did not occur until the overtime session.

      That’s what we refer to as Ballin’ out of control.


      Not only was that a great game and a great clash of 2 of the best young PGs in the league, but it was also a great lesson for younger PGs at home watching. Even though Rose ended up with 36 points and Ragin’ dropped 29, very little was forced. They both scored within the flow of the game and still managed to get everyone else involved. Their decision making and maturity level was incredibly impressive considering Rondo is 23 and Rose is 20 years old. Yes, Rose did have a costly turnover at the end of regulation that almost cost Chicago the game, but P-Squared choked at the freethrow line, like he was the rookie, so it’s all good.



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