What a Weekend Part II

All-Star Sunday

   The main event. The big show. Kobe, Lebron, Dwight, D.Wade,Shaq and everybody else. My prdictions for this game was actually a no-brainer. The West  is simply too big for the East, not only that, the West had a PG too in Chris Paul. The East started Iverson at PG, we all know he’s a SG for real, the same with Mo Williams. The only real PG on the East team was Harris and I assumed he would be a nonfactor in an All-Star situation, so the East has no distibuter besides for Lebron James. The West will win, and that means Kobe is my MVP prediction. 

     Yea, I know you are all surprised that I picked Kobe.      

     Shaq was his normal entertaining self, I loved his dance number during the introduction. Not to mention his attempt to beat the “blindfolded freethrow record”. I figure he can’t do much worse than normal, plus it was all in fun. It would have been funny if he would have done it, I wanted him to do it. I love Shaq, but you probably knew that because I am a huge Lakers fan. A lot of people always point out the Kobe/Shaq feud that broke the dynasty up, but I like to point out the Kobe/Shaq teamwork that won 3 championships in a row. That was my squad!

     I’m a basketball purist, so the first quarter of All-Star games are usually so hard for me to watch. The lacksadasicle play, turnovers, carelessness. I hate it! This year wasn’t like that at all, even the commentators said mentioned a few times how it looked like a real game with both sides playing hard from the jump. That was great, the best players in the world, playing a real game. I was locked in. 

     I’m not going to get into details about the game though, my last blog was long enough, I’m sure you have no desire to sit at you PC and read another book today. I will give you a break today, but be advised, I will be back this weekend to comment on the trades (and non-trades).    


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