Superman Gets 3 Million All-Star Votes


Dwight Howard #12 of the Orlando Magic poses for picture in his 2009 NBA All-Star uniform.
Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic poses for picture in his 2009 NBA All-Star uniform.

     Well, ladies and gentelmen, the votes are in. They have all been counted (or electronically calculated, however they do it) and the starting line-ups are exactly as I had predicted. Whether we agree with the line-ups or not (Iverson) is irrelevant, I knew this was going to be it. What did surprise me, no let me rephrase that, what absolutely shocked me was that Dwight Howard was the leading vote getter. More than Lebron? More than Kobe? D.Wade, Yao…wow, what an accomplishment from the big man out of Orlando. But wait, come to think about it, I shouldn’t be surprised. What other center in the east are you going to vote for? To vote for any other center in the east would be a reach. I guess the second best center in the east would have to be …um… let me think. Big Z has been injured quite a bit or I would say him. Adrew Bogut, Samuel Dalembert, Kendrick Perkins, Al Horford?

See, I’m reaching now.

     Lebron, Wade, Kobe and even Yao has some competition depending on who you are and where you live. I could actually understand Rashard Lewis, Joe Johnson, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce getting some votes. Or in the west Brandon Roy, Kevin Durant and even Big Daddy Shaq Diesel himself is balling. There are a lot of very talented players that deserve to ball in Pheonix next month. Choosing the reseves is going to be a difficult task but if I had a vote it would probably be something like this. Regardless of who’s playing, you better believe that I’m going to be tuned in, beer in hand ready to rock and roll. I’m excited! Judging from the starters, it should be a great game. Not to mention the dunk contest and the other competitions leading up to the game. Be there or be square.




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