76ers, a Disappointment?


I just read an article on NBA.com calling the Philadelphia 76ers “a disappointment” and I must say I was a little surprised. I know that a lot of people were under the impression that Phily was going to be a lot better this year but I never would have thought that NBA.com was one of those people. I will admit that they are playing even worse than I expected, but I never once thought of them as championship contenders as it seems a lot of other people  have. I don’t even see how Philadelphia is better than the Clippers, especially now with Baron Davis.  Chris Kaman is, in my opinion, better than Dalembert, Corey Magette is as good if not better than Igoudala and Al Thornton is better than everybody on Phily’s roster.  I actually think that Igoudala is overrated. I like him as a role player, like James Posey or something, but if you are relying on A.I.2 to carry your team ,or even be your second option, this is the type of season you are going to have.




One thought on “76ers, a Disappointment?

  1. It will take some time for them to grow, especially Louie Williams. The C’s are too strong in the East for them to make it out alive.

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