See A.I., Praying Does Work

A.I. donning the red, white and blue again, only this time it is in Detroit and not Philadelphia
A.I. donning the red, white and blue again, only this time it is in Detroit and not Philadelphia

I feel as though Allen Iverson and I have been through a lot together. From leading the way as first overall draft pick in 1996 (one of the best draft classes in my memory) to “Rookie of the Year”, to numerous All-Star starts, scoring titles, steals leaders and an MVP award. A.I. was always my favorite player. I’m from Indiana so I was never really a Jordan fan, he was the enemy. I was, of course, a huge Reggie Miller fan but A.I. was always my favorite. Things changed for me around the time L.A. won their 3-peat at the beginning of the this century. I started to notice Kobe was improving and really playing some fantastic basketball but I still couldn’t give him the number 1 slot because he had Shaq. After Shaq left and I got a chance to see “the complete Kobe” it became obvious that Kobe was the best and A.I. was demoted to number 2. Then he got shipped to Denver, who never comes on TV in Germany, and in the meantime I got to see a lot of Cleveland, Boston, L.A. Lakers and of course Dallas because of Nowitzki. For a moment I thought Iverson would spend the rest of his career in Denver being eliminated in the first round every year, or maybe get traded to a terrible team for a lot of young guys, draft picks and money. So when I found out he was traded to Detroit, and on my birthday too, I was beside myself. Happy birthday to me. Now he has a chance to end up a winner. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose contral and I think I like it. Everyone that knows me is aware of how much I like Detroit. I’ve always routed for Detroit to win the East and the L.A. Lakers in the West but now more than ever. The idea of Iverson vs Kobe is my driving force for the remainder of the season. Yeh, they’ve danced before in the finals but those were different times with different teams. Too bad Tyron Lue isn’t in L.A. anymore, I would love to see Iverson step over him again.



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