Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls, a Match Made in Heaven

2008 NBA 1st overall draft pick Derrick Rose is already looking good in this eary NBA season
2008 NBA 1st overall draft pick Derrick Rose is already looking good in the early part of this NBA season

     Hello and welcome to my first blog. Man, there’s so much to talk about, where do I start. Well, since I’m a rookie I guess that would be a fitting place to begin. I don’t know if you’ve read my bio so I will start by stating that I live in Germany. Before last year I was only able to see NBA basketball twice a week at 2:00am, needless to say I had a lot of sub-par days at the office due to lack of sleep. NCAA ball was just a dream, I only know most of these kids from magazines and So at the beginning of each year I go through this process of evaluating rookies, and I think I am pretty good at evaluating talent.

     With that said…Derrick Rose is a beast! He is the next elite point guard. Last year we had the great pleasure of watching Chris Paul and Deron Williams flourish and come into their own as elite PGs, bonafide leaders and flat-out superstars, over the next few years we will see Derrick Rose do it.  He will be in the talk of “who’s the best point guard in the NBA”. Both Jason Kidd and Steve Nash are on the downside of their careers and I would expect are no longer in the conversation. At this point it’s a 2-man race with Chris Paul leading (but it’s reeeeal close).  Rose is unquestionably more athletic than both Paul and Williams. He’s as tall and strong as Williams but almost as quick and tricky with ball as Paul. He can already shoot pretty well outside and can finish at the basketball. His team is still young and he is prepared to lead and direct. So far Chicago is responding to him and I don’t expect that to change. It’s not like Chicago is going to go all the way this year or anything. They have a new point guard and a new coach. This year will have a lot of ups and downs and they both have a lot to learn, but as long as Chicago keep it’s youth intact and find that scoring big man they’ve been missing for so many years now they should be a force to reckon with in the future.






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